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May 31

with five rows of shining Shentuo beads

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Update: 22-9- time is quietly in the past more than a month, the peak from time to time and you elders fighting alone,Oakley Oil Rig, sometimes a feeling, with the help of this as wander like, strength is rapidly improve. Quietly sitting cross-legged on the ground, the peak of the mind is quietly on his body, with five rows of shining Shentuo beads around his soul slowly rotating, and its surrounding, five has very obvious illusory fog air keep rolling, which like the stars twinkling, is very charming, is really five lines is brewed from beads. "Ha ha ha five wins bead finally is condensed out of the! As long as they once condensed forming, I quickly take, then directly can experience many mysteries which contains five psychic powers,Air Jordan 13 UK Sale, in one fell swoop king realm! Although I'm just king began, but with the five row Shentuo beads, achievement blade emperor also is just a matter of time! Once the breakthrough to the blade emperor, I would like other elders, careful understanding spiritual mystery, hit a peak trick belongs to me!" Heart for his R ì after cultivation way going forward, peak heart more excitement. "After three months I had to leave the small sacred world, Sara, I" mouth provokes a smile, peak head is suddenly pictured Aileen as elegant lotus appearance, in the heart a sweet and happy. This year the small sacred world practice, peak strength almost changed turn the world upside down. Not only the achievement of the king is strong, the Dragon ascension fully into the peak fist punches on his own, and is not much difference between occult power. It is the magical foot star seven step reached very proficient, but still not enough understanding for speed, not the speed rise again, but even so, in the hostilities have an important role to the sky, even earlier,oakley sunglasses outlet, in the invincible position. Of course, the biggest harvest or horizons to click into place, and the martial arts skills and battle of the speed of growth, it is an intangible wealth, makes the peak for endless. While the peak is not known, as he then relieved himself, something about him, but quietly in the beast God Island aroused no small storm. Balut since blood maple forest, is returned to the beast God Island, for some reason, stay on the beast God Island, did not return to Odin. And in a R ì, is heard that the club have a nice up peak disciple, can use the mainland's top fierce beast unique coercion, it aroused no small storm in the beast God Island, the big elder is more personally to the club. One almost instantly is concluded, the club's disciple, is himself an old Chinese practice good brothers, peak! Now that his brother might have some trouble, one will not stand idly by, decisive to the elders live, y ù demanded to see each other, but was told that the elders do not return, that long call tone, cable x ì ng directly to stay in the big elder place, waiting for the return. "Whew!" After waiting for six hours, on the ballot, >
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